How to Locate Salesforce Object Record Type IDs

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May 18, 2022


2 quick ways to locate a Salesforce object’s 18 digit record type IDs.

Record type IDs are needed for all sorts of use cases in the Salesforce world. This post shows you two ways to locate an object’s 18 digit record type ID.

A few common use cases this skill is necessary to complete are:

Use Case 1: Inserting new records via a data loading tool and assigning the record type at creation.

Use Case 2: Updating existing records using a data loading tool to assign or reassign a record type.

Use Case 3: Filter by record type in a flow.

Let’s go!

Option 1: Manual Copy/Paste

Click on an object’s record type page in Setup so you can copy the ID. See attached PDF for a pdf of the following steps. In this example, we have two record types on the Case object.

Here are the steps to follow:

A. Navigate to Setup
B. Click on the Object Manager tab
C. Search for the Case Object
D. Click on the Case Object from the search results
E. Click on record types



F. Click on one record type at a time



G. Scroll up to the address bar. Double click on the ID – it starts with 012. Paste the ID in a place you can reference later.



H. To find more record type IDs on the case object, navigate back to the Record Types link on the case object menu



Option 2: Export a list of record types using Data Loader

Open up data loader or and export the record type object to Excel.

A. Search for in the Setup quick find search box


B. Launch



C. Click on Confirm


D. Click on Login with Salesforce

E. Login with your Salesforce credentials

F. Click on NEW TASK

G. Click on EXPORT

H. Start typing record type into the object search box

I. Click on Record Type

J. Click on Next

K. Click the Select All checkbox to grab all fields into the export

L. Click on Save & Run

M. Refresh the page, and then click on the successes file

N. Open the Excel file and find a list of all record type IDs in Salesforce, along with their name and the object they’re on. 


Now you have two ways in your arsenal to locate a Salesforce object’s record type 18 digit ID. You can add these IDs to data files for inserting, updating and upserting, as well as in flow filters.


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